Gardeon 2x Animal Trap Cage Possum 66x23cm


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Set of 2 Humane Animal Trap Cage 66 x 23 x 25cm – Silver


Humane Animal Trap Cage

Made from quality rust resistant galvanised iron wire, these humane animal trap cages are built to last for years. Featuring a spring loaded door trap with protected handle and an automatic locking system that is swift in operation; these cages are designed to ensure safety of both animals and users. Perfect for removing pest animals in backyards and capturing pests alive. It’s collapsible design can fold away quickly for easy storage and transportation.

Note: Please contact your local authorities to seek approval or confirmation on trapping species that you are targeting. Please be aware of what kinds of animal traps you can legally use in your state.


*Large humane animal trap cage
*Collapsible construction
*Spring loaded door
*Automatic door lock
*Easy mobility and storage
*Simple bait operation
*Ideal for capturing pest alive
*Perfect for removing pest animals in backyard
*Material: Galvanised iron wire
*Cage wire thickness: 2.8mm
*Support wire thickness: 4.5mm
*Frame thickness: 5.2mm
*Handle thickness: 3.5mm
*Size: 66x23x25cm
*Colour: Silver

Package Contents

* 2 x Humane Animal Trap Cage

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Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 78 × 5.2 × 52 cm



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