Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 180cm


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Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 180cm


Any student of anatomy from beginner to physician will benefit from owning this adult life-sized Human Skeleton. It is widely used by medical professionals, teachers and artists alike.
This articulated adult-sized skeleton is perfect for teaching human anatomy. The removable arms and legs enable closer study. The skeleton is authentic enough for use by doctors, artists, students, physios, chiros and other professionals. The bones have a look and feel that is natural and real.
Uses for the adult life-sized skeleton are wide-ranging. According to need, it can be painted on, dressed in clothing and even drilled through. The life-like skeleton features visible nerve branches, a herniated lumbar disc and the vertebral artery.
The skull can be taken apart for close scrutiny. The jaw is movable, the calvarium is cut, and there are suture lines and three removable teeth.
The full-size Human Skeleton is constructed from high-quality, washable PVC and comes equipped with a plastic dust-cover when the skeleton is not in use. The skeleton can be mounted on the 40cm side base and stand which is part of the package.
Your Human Skeleton comes in a sturdy box which can be used for storage. Beautifully packaged, your skeleton arrives ready to give to that lucky student or professional.

Height: 180cm
Box size: 100 x 46 x 29cm

22 pieces of bones with serrated suture lines marked out
Calvaria transversely cut showing skull”s interior structures
Movable mandible
Removable lower teeth: incisor, cuspid and molar

Vertebral column
7 cervical vertebrae
12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebrae,
Pieces of sacrum and coccyx
23 invertebral discs
Four curvatures of vertebral column
-cervical and lumbar curvatures, convex forward
-thoracic and sacral curvature, convex backward

Bone thorax
24 ribs
Pieces of costal cartilage
Pieces of sternum
-7 pairs (1-7) of true ribs
-3 pairs (8-10) of false ribs
-2 pairs (11-12) of floating ribs

Bony pelvis
Two pieces of hip bones

Bones of upper extremities
64 pieces of separable bones
Pectoral girdle (scapula and clavicle) fixed on the bony thorax
Remaining part of the upper extremities can be taken down
Main joints (shoulder, elbow and wrist) movable

Bones of lower extremities
62 pieces of separable bones
Pelvic girdle (hip bone) fixed to construct the bony pelvis
Remaining parts of the lower extremities can be taken down
Main joints (hip, knee and ankle) movable
Nerve branches
Natural movement
Flexible limbs can be placed into nearly any natural position and fully articulated

Package Content:
1 x Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 180cm

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