UV Lavender Fields 60cm Green Wall Disc (Black)


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UV Lavender Fields 60cm Green Wall Disc (Black)



A sensationally vibrant piece of art, the stunning green wall disc is a brilliant addition to any home, shop or office.

Welcome to the next generation of wall decorations. Exceptionally high quality artificial plant disks are the perfect addition to any wall, or office area to create a WOW effect. Simply attach to any wall and you have a stunning vertical garden bordered by a high-quality metal disc that has been hand-assembled using top class artificial foliage. These fabulous looking decorative disks can be used to enhance any wall or even as a centerpiece on a table to add greenery that won’t die. The disk is reasonably light-weight (around 8kg). If you have any questions please make contact so we can provide advice on the recommend fixing approach. Secure yours today and lead the interior design trend.


60cm in diameter.
UV resistant artificial plants.
A superb painted metal disc to add vibrancy.
Hand-assembled foliage.
Unique yet stunning modern piece of art.

Note: Please note actual plant arrangement may vary as they are hand-assembled.

Package Content:

1 x UV Lavender Fields 60cm Green Wall Disc (Black)

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 60 cm


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