Cefito Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Set 3.66m


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Sliding Barn Door Hardware – Black


Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Set Powder Coat Steel Black
The hardware is built for durability and strength.

* Elegant matte finish
* Smooth and effortless sliding roller
* 4m rail track
* Easy to install, all fixings included
* Can carry up to 120kg door
* Strong floor guide to enhance door movement
* Suitable for both timber/hollow core doors
* Comes with all necessary hardware

* Material: Carton Steel with powder coating
* Door weight capacity: 120kg
* Door Thickness: 40-45mm
* Sliding rail dimension: 40 x 6mm
* Colour: Black

Package Contents
2 x 1m Sliding Rail
2 x 0.83m Sliding Rail
2 x Roller
9 x Wall mount
9 x Door stopper
1 x Floor Guide
2 x Anti-Jump
9 sets x Screws, Bolts and Washers

- All prices are exclusive of GST.

Weight 11.29 kg
Dimensions 104 × 11 × 9.2 cm


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