Flowering Native Fox Tail Grass 120 cm


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Flowering Native Fox Tail Grass 120 cm


Artificial Flowering Native Fox Tail Grass


Our lovely artificial Flowering Native Fox Tail Grass grass is another excellent additional choice in decorating  your home or office. With it’s wild and interesting appearance due to it’s  spikey green and golden leaves and soft creme flowers it will surely brighten up and provide a rustic feel to your dull space. Made of high quality Polyester yarn, this faux plant is designed for indoor use.

Whether you want a plant with minimal accents or earthy colours our artificial flowering native foxtail grass will be a stunning feature of your space.

To maintain it’s wild stunning vibrant appearance, it should be set up in a space away from exposure to continuous sunlight, and with  light dusting to keep it clean, this plants makes it a low-maintenance alternative to a living foliage.

Add them to your decor, floral arrangements or simply on their own and it will transform your space to an interesting and highly appealing setting.

The plant comes in a pot 10cm x 10cm and foliage is around 20-25cm wide.

Package Content:

1 x Flowering Native Fox Tail Grass 120 cm

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 120 cm


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