20x 50cm Bird Spike S304 wire Spikes Eaves Pigeon Gull Starling 10M


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20x 50cm Bird Spike S304 wire Spikes Eaves Pigeon Gull Starling 10M



Love birds but don’t like the mess pigeons, gulls, or crows make when they take up residence on your property? These bird spikes from Randy & Travis Machinery might look scary, but they’re completely humane. Although they don’t hurt the birds, these spikes keep roosting birds — and their germ-spreading droppings — away from your home. It’s not just the germs. Bird droppings are corrosive, eating through almost every kind of material over time. Protect your home or business against the damage roosting birds can do with these highly effective spikes. They serve as a physical barrier to them, keeping them from perching on your windowsills, ledges, signs, gutters, pipes, and chimneys.

These slim, flexible rods sit in a base at an angle. They’re not sharp, but they keep the birds’ feet from gaining a foothold on your building because the spikes are too flexible for a bird to achieve a comfortably flat resting place. They’re easy to clean and maintain. Simply pull out any debris, such as leaves, that accumulates as the weather changes. And, they’re easy to install, making them cost-effective since you’ll never need to call a professional installer. They’re crafted from durable stainless steel on a tough polypropylene base, so they’ll last for years to come. Don’t wait for the birds to arrive this spring. Get prepared now with a set of these spikes!


Material: Stainless steel (spikes) and polypropylene (base)
Colour: Silver (spikes) and clear (base)
Length (total): 50cm
Diameter (spike): 1.3mm
Length (spike): 8cm
Dimensions (base): 50 x 2.0 x 0.5 (L x W x H)
Distance between each spike: 50mm
Prevent birds from perching and roosting
Easy installation
Transparent base
Mounts on practically every surface
Resists corrosion
Won’t hurt birds or other creatures

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20x 50cm Bird Spike S304 wire Spikes Eaves Pigeon Gull Starling 10M

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Dimensions 51 × 12 × 9.5 cm


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